Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shackles & Stuff

I didn't feel like today was a very productive day working on the Mustang, but I guess I'm bound to have days like that. I was only there from about 10:15-4:15 while I'm usually there much longer on a weekend. Lauren was supposed to be working today, but then at the last minute plans changed and she was home so I stayed with her longer in the morning and wanted to get back to her earlier.

I started off by removing the old homemade leaf spring shackles that were installed in the car when I bought it and instead replaced them with stock shackles with rubber bushings. I used a lithium based grease to lubricate the inside of the leaf spring as well as the outside of the rubber to hopefully keep it from squeaking.

I also wanted to put on the new wingnut that I bought for the air cleaner even though it was something small. It's the little things that make a difference to me. It has the Mustang horse logo on it and it is flat black to match the air cleaner.

I did a lot of sanding and small body work projects where there were noticeable dents after primering it the last time. I also pulled off the driver's side door hinges in order to replace the pin and bushing in at least the top hinge since it had a lot of play. I marked where the hinges lined up before I pulled them off.

Other than body work and sanding the only other thing I did today was pull out the windshield wiper arms since I want to make sure that the paint on the cowl looks good around them. I've found that its not easy to sand and paint in this area when they are installed. I simply had to remove one clip per arm and take out three bolts per arm.

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