Monday, April 18, 2011

1966 Mustang Wiring Diagrams

Starter, Ignition and Charging Diagram

1966 Mustang Instrument Cluster Wiring

1966 Mustang Accessories Diagram

1966 Mustang Exterior Lighting Diagram

Interior Lighting Diagram

1966 Mustang Fog Light Diagram

I found the above wiring diagrams/schematics at THIS link and they will prove to be extremely useful as I begin to work on the Mustang's wiring. Since I pulled the entire wiring harness out of the car, this will help me make sure I get all the wires back where they belong.

Installing a 3G alternator from an early Ford vehicle will also call for additional modification to the car's wiring. The below schematic will also prove to be quite useful.

1966 Mustang 3G Alternator Wiring

Below is a wiring diagram from a forum that I stumbled across when I was looking for information about wiring the new high torque mini starter. It shows how the old starter was wired and how the new starter should be wired. The main change is that the main wire from the old starter now becomes a constant "hot" wire and the additional 12 gauge wire is hooked up to the "switched" side that the cable was hooked up to. The mini starter has it's own solenoid that acts as a relay. The constant "hot" cable hooks up to the solenoid and the new switched wire engages the "hot" cable when the ignition key is bumped over to Start.

High Torque Mini-Starter Diagram

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